Our Team

Trevor – Owner

Always the tinkerer, Trevor started making his way through the world of guitar electronics in 2008. After buying and installing his first set of aftermarket pickups (Seymour Duncan Hot-Rodded Humbucker Set) he was hooked. He started researching any and all modifications, both for tone and aesthetic, that could be done, and experimenting with some of his own ideas. The next step was making effects pedal kits (and of course his own custom pedal board to keep them in) which he still uses every time he plugs in. Fascinated with emerging 3-D printing technology, he dove into figuring out how to incorporate that into his love of music and guitar technology. Now as the owner of Coconut Monkey Electronics, he spends his time thinking of all the wacky ways to change and innovate guitar tone technology.

Jeff – Sales Manager

Always happy to meet new people, Jeff grew up playing music and was always interested in the different design and sounds of guitars and basses. After playing in several bands he made many friends with other musicians and loved talking shop about their guitars and equipment. He also loved to purchased new and used guitars and basses to pull out all of the old hardware and electronics to customize his own feel and sound. Being such a people person he loves to talk gear and will help you customize the exact sound and style of pickup for your personal needs.

Kale – Lead Engineer

Bio coming soon!