Pickup buying made easy.

We want to take the slog out of upgrading your pickups. Choose the line that fits you the best, send us an email, and we’ll get your order going. Our standard Humbucker pickups are $120 each for a single or $100 each for 2 or more. We currently only offer standard humbucking pickups. We are working on developing designs for other styles now, and will release them when we can be 100% confident in the product. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


The Gorilla

Beefy, chunky, growling lows. Soaring, cutting highs. These Pups are perfect for modern, high gain tones. The Gorilla bridge pickup is a no holds barred high gain beast with enough output to push the front end of your amp to gainy perfection without losing any pick attack or articulation. Roll back on the volume knob to clean them up to a sparkly overdrive. The Gorilla neck is comparable in output, but with a much smoother tone that’s great for your soaring soloing needs. Comes standard with 4 conductor wire for coil splitting goodness. Click Here to go to order yours now!

The Ape

The Ape is an all around powerhouse. We’ve balanced output, tone, and control into this set of unbelievable pickups. Rich harmonics, and balanced tonal response will make the Ape fit in with any genre or guitar. The Ape neck smooths out, and responds great to even small adjustments of the volume and tone knobs. Great for anyone who like to play a ton of different styles, and plays nice with just about any guitar. Order yours here!

The Chimp

Airy, sparkly cleans. Crunchy overdrive. The Chimp is our throwback to the classic tones of the 60’s and 70’s. Restore your vintage guitar to its original glory with a set of these! We’ve studied the pickups of the best guitars and players from the era, and have combined the best of each into a powerhouse of sweet vintage tone. They’re also great for taking the edge off of an overly bright rig. Click here to get your Chimps started today!

The CME Custom

Do our standard lines not check all the boxes for you? Take our Perfect Pickup Quiz, and we’ll let you know what we can do to make your tone come alive!